Sands 40th anniversary impact report

A special edition report to mark Sands’ 40th year. Featuring a timeline to visualise Sands’ achievements, and infographics to humanise Sands' research. The brief was to create a graphic led design, introduce a wide use of colour, be bold, easy to digest and look professional and modern.


Annual impact report 2018-19

Following on from the success of the anniversary report, we designed the 2018-19 annual report in collaboration with Sands, expanding on the style established in the anniversary edition.


Bereavement Support Book

This flagship product is a comprehensive resource providing information and support for bereaved parents, the wider family and employers. The information is accessible, easy to read and absorb, and to share with family and friends. The book is designed to reassure you that Sands is there to provide support. Rather than feeling ‘clinical’, it is designed to feel like ‘a hug’.




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