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Tutaev Design have been excellent from start to finish. I came to them asking for a website that was fresh, dynamic and exciting to look at, and that’s exactly what I now have. Chris and Cathy have been incredibly supportive of our initiative – an online magazine-style platform for women creatives and writers, which is in collaboration with Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge. They were committed to not only seeing my vision through, but bettering any ideas I put to them and intuiting wisely when I had none. They have designed and developed a brilliant, innovative site that is now being shared with hundreds of visitors each week. Lucy Writers highly recommends Tutaev Design.

Hannah Hutchings-Georgiou, Founding Editor-in-chief of Lucy Writers, Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge



Working with Tutaev has been a real delight from the very start to the end of our initial project. They have understood our needs, as a charity, and our expectations in designing our handbook and tools. We wanted it to look practical, addressing our target group (busy people who want to get the info straight!) and Tutaev made it happen. Clear and dynamic design, online resource with embeded links and shortcuts, colorful but consistent with our positioning, we are proud of its look. The team has been very flexible and reactive in providing the outputs and translating our queries into nice looking elements. We are glad we worked together, and we will do more in the future, for sure.

Marine Menier, Project and Training Coordinator, RedR UK



Thank you for designing a beautiful report and all your ideas, support and patience with us at Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness. We would recommend working Tutaev Design to everyone!

Julianne Marriott, Project Manager, Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness



This looks truly great. We’re amazed at how well you’ve been able to lay things out so it all looks clear and easily digestible... I love the activism pack – I think the graphics look great... It’s really engaging and I particularly love the front cover... this is exactly what we were looking for.

Mariam Kemple Hardy, Head of Campaigns, Refugee Action



We were so pleased with the event and the quality of the exhibition, which is down to the hard work of both of you [Cathy and Magda]... I'll happily recommend you to anyone who asks.

Jenny Humphreys, Programme and Communications Manager, British and Irish Agencies Afghanistan Group



Perfect!!! Thanks for your infinite patience! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it...  I'm so impressed with the professional and eye-catching design and your efficiency and patience in preparing it. They look wonderful!!!

Bonnie Docherty, Associate Director of Armed Conflict and Civilian Protection, Harvard Law School International Human Rights Clinic



I always look forward to working with you guys, I know I’m going to get work of the highest standards from people who know what I’m trying to achieve and why. It’s good to work with people who seem to care as much as I do about getting across our research in the most striking and accessible way. I don’t think our work would have anywhere near the same impact if it weren’t for the way you help us visualise and share our messages. Thank you for your boundless patience and enthusiasm, I would definitely recommend you to others.
Robert Perkins, former Senior Researcher, Action on Armed Violence



It looks amazing. Thank you for a beautifully elegant job.

Hamit Dardagan, Co-Director, Every Casualty Worldwide



Thanks again... Your work for CDSB and this [Local Power] are of such high quality you'd be the first person I’d recommend for logo design!

James Howard, CDSB/Local Power



I have worked closely with Tutaev for over 5 years. During that time they have designed and printed over 20 leaflets, countless newsletters, posters, flyers, calendars, reports and much more. They have contributed hugely to the development of the customer service and communications work of this, a very busy front line service. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Carol Johnson, London Borough of Tower Hamlets





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