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About us

Tutaev Design are a highly skilled, enthusiastic team of London-based designers with many years’ experience in the industry and a wealth of knowledge and understanding.


We love what we do and consistently get great feedback.


We’re collaborators – accessible and friendly, with endless patience. We are noted for our exceptional attention to detail and skilful project management.


We create distinctive branding, communications strategies and campaign materials, including annual reports, publication design, infographics, marketing and fundraising materials, websites and exhibition displays.


Our team combines a range of talents and experiences. This give us the ability to understand our clients’ needs and provides us with options to create and deliver solutions to their challenges.


Introducing the team


Astrid Griffiths

Astrid grew up in Norway and studied Graphic Design at St Martin’s and Chelsea School of Art. She has a passion for clean timeless design and has an excellent eye for detail and a flair for balance and harmony. She enjoys collaborating with clients on new projects and feels that one of the most important aspects of being a good designer is listening to what the client wants. Her perfect day is to be surrounded by colour swatches and type specimen books and good coffee.


Cathy Tutaev

Cathy is from Dublin where she studied Environmental Design. She is a founding member of Tutaev Design and her energy and enthusiasm for creating change has moulded the business into what it is today. Cathy enjoys managing projects and does it with natural ease. She brings a wealth of experience and expertise and a mindset that nothing is too much trouble and no detail too small. When not talking to clients or engrossed in her latest design project, Cathy can be found letter carving and sculpting organic shapes from stone.


Chris Tutaev

Chris is one of 6 and a half Tutaev’s in the UK. From the day he walked into a typeroom and discovered metal type he has never looked back. He is the creative back bone of our business and injects design flair in everything we do. Bridging the technical with the artistic, he produces thoughtful, clean and timeless design and is our go-to person to solve any complex creative challenge. He once had a bit part as a character in a Ladybird Book.


Leeroy Lugg

Leeroy lives and breathes code and understands how to put together beautifully functional and elegant websites. When he’s not in front of the PC developing content management systems he’s indulging his dog’s passion for roaming the open hills of Wiltshire. Leeroy understands how technology is changing the marketplace and can read a website like a graphologist. He’s an expert in interpreting and understanding what a client is asking for when they want a site that they can edit themselves.


Richard Russell

Richard shares the same commitment and web development DNA that Leeroy has, bringing another dimension to hand crafted websites and Wordpress projects. He has a background in music and is happiest when he is writing, playing or listening. Web based projects can be a demanding balance of time, effort and budget resources. Richard has a zen like ability to rise above these pressures and always gets his timing spot on.





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